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LastPass acquires Xmarks!

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So it’s official: my bookmark synchronization platform and plugin of choice, Xmarks, will be taken over by password-storing service LastPass. Creepy in theory, but actually fairly secure, LastPass offers a series of browser plugins that allow users to manage passwords for a variety of services and then sync them to other platforms. You know, like… Read more »

XMarks deathwatch cancelled — but will Freemium be enough?

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So this happened. My personal bookmark syncing tool of choice, Xmarks, won’t be disappearing after all. Xmarks CEO James Joaquin writes: The Xmarks service will evolve to have both a free component and a premium component – we’ll share all the details once the deal is done. Cool. But this raises a good point: Xmarks got to this… Read more »

Xmarks Shutdown Update!

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In a followup post to last Monday’s sad news about Xmarks’ impending shutdown, Xmarks CEO James Joaquin explains some of the overhead issues and funding requirements that have led to this situation. In response to the cries of “noooo” from those of us who rely on Xmarks to sync our bookmarks cross-platform, Xmarks have opened a PledgeBank… Read more »

RSS: No, I didn’t notice your new website’s theme.

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Over at the Future Shop Tech Blog, I wrote about RSS feeds, and how I organize them to stay up to date with everything from blog posts to Craigslist searches. If you’re like me and subscribe to hundreds of different feeds, it’s important to figure out a good workflow that helps you focus on what’s… Read more »

Notational Velocity and Simplenote Part Two: Making a good thing better

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Last week, I wrote about my experiences using Notational Velocity and Simplenote to turn a collection of text files into a quick, searchable, cloud-based notetaking system. Today, I’m going to complain about what’s wrong with it. Now, to be fair, I’m quite pleased with the whole Notational Velocity package. Simplenote’s team are quick to respond to… Read more »

Catherine is speaking at WordCamp Vancouver 2010

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Happy news, Vancouver-area WordPress users! I’m pleased to confirm that, yes, I will be at WordCamp Vancouver 2010 on June 12. I’ll be speaking with Tris Hussey about the upcoming (Possibly just-released by then!) WordPress 3.0 and child themes. For more information about child themes, check out Tris’ blog. Personally, I’m excited about the new… Read more »

Blogathon 2009: What kind of site do you think this is, anyway?

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So I was checking out my Google Analytics stats just now to gauge the impact Blogathon is having upon my site traffic. Answer: lots. Obviously. However, I couldn’t help but notice a number of interesting searches by which people are coming here. Okay, that’s different. Other bewildering search terms people used to arrive here include:… Read more »

Blogathon 2009: “Legally, we have to refer to you as Catherine December.”

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After hearing Dave Olsen talk a bit about the restrictions being applied — in particular, to the “pedestrian corridors” being established here in Vancouver during the Olympics, I’m concerned about the implications for free speech, as well as the potential for these laws to endure after the Olympics have ended. I’ve been convinced for a long… Read more »

Blogathon 2009: Dave Olsen & the True North Media House

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Dave Olsen stopped by Workspace this evening to cheer some of us on and tell us a bit about the social/indie/citizen media project he’s working on for the 2010 Olympics this year, the True North Media House. From the TNMH website: We intend to create a space in downtown Vancouver to serve as a media… Read more »