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WordCamp Vancouver 2010: Tris and Catherine tell you why your current WordPress theme sucks.

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So! WordCamp Vancouver 2010, huh? That was pretty good, I thought. I particularly enjoyed the “Is WordPress a CMS?” panel featuring Dave, Christine and Cam. Consensus: Sort of! Maybe! As promised, Tris Hussey and I presented “WordPress 3.0 & Parent-Child Themes” Being a generally nice sort of person, I let Tris cover the whole, “check… Read more »

Catherine is speaking at WordCamp Vancouver 2010

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Happy news, Vancouver-area WordPress users! I’m pleased to confirm that, yes, I will be at WordCamp Vancouver 2010 on June 12. I’ll be speaking with Tris Hussey about the upcoming (Possibly just-released by then!) WordPress 3.0 and child themes. For more information about child themes, check out Tris’ blog. Personally, I’m excited about the new… Read more »

Blogathon 2009: Catherine needs panniers!

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So I was working on my next post here at Workspace, when who should arrive but noted fountain pen enthusiast and friend to WordPress themers everywhere, Tris Hussey![1] Which is good, because he very graciously tolerated my inadvertent inviting-myself-along-to-dinner last night, and answered my questions about categories and post visibility and things. And even more… Read more »